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In this co-operative game, the players embody Titans working together to create the ideal planet. Will you figure out how to dominate nature and the elements, and worse still the anger of your father Ouranos to realize the planet of your dreams? A cunning and intuitive game where deduction and co-operation will be the key words.
To manage to create your planet, and to bring it to life, you will have to think together, communicate subtly, trust the other players or listen to your instincts.

The purpose of the game is to manage to create together a planet. To have a finished and thus livable planet, it will be necessary to pass by various creations: rainbow, river, fish, etc, and completed by element cards: earth, air, fire, water.

Each turn composes of two phases: the divination and the creation. During the divination phase, every player chooses a card in secret from their hand and spends his tokens energy to give information, exchange cards, etc. Then in the creation phase, every player reveals his card in turn order and checks its successful.

The game ends when all the cards were played or if the planet is completed.